Horizontal File Cabinet

Rustic Home Office with Rustic Wooden Horizontal File Cabinet, Black Painted Wooden Cabinet Top, and White Painted Solid Wood Cabinet Riser

Horizontal File Cabinet

Contemporary Home Office with Light Grey Steel Fire King File Cabinet 3 Drawer, Polished Metal Curved Door Pull, and White Metal Rectangular Door Mounted Index Card Holders

Traditional Home Industry Office with Brown Solid Wood Varnished Horizontal File Cabinet, Double Simple Wooden Drawers, and Black Varnished Small Round Door Knobs

Modern Home Office with White Metal Wheeled Horizontal File Cabinet, 14 White Mounted Cabinet Door Index Card Holders, and 7 White Slide Out Long Drawers

Modern White Office with Amazon Wheel Horizontal File Cabinets Double Drawers, Light Grey Hard Plastic Rectangle Index Card Holders, and Light Grey Hard Plastic Door Pulls

Classic Home Office with Unfinished Wooden Horizontal File Cabinet, Light Brown Unfinished Flat Cabinet Door Panels, and Black Painted Wooden Cabinet Bottom

Simple Home Office with Black Horizontal File Cabinet, Double Black Wide Slide Out Drawers, and Black Small Round Lock Above Top Cabinet Door

Classic Home Office with White Painted Mahogany Horizontal File Cabinet, 5 Narrow Long Drawers, and Double Black Brushed Metal Door Pulls On Each Drawers

Simple Home Office with Grey Painted Wooden Horizontal File Cabinet, Grey Wooden Double Slide Out Drawers, and Brushed Nickel Curved Hardware Door

Contemporary Small Home Office with Espresso Lacquered Amazon Horizontal File Cabinet, Brushed Chrome Half Circle Door Knobs, and Double Espresso Big Slide Out Drawers